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How To Start An Internet Cafe Business

If you have been wondering how to start an internet cafe business in your country, then this article will be of great help to you. I,m going to show you how to open a cyber cafe. In this article, you are going to learn about…… How To Start Your Own ...

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How to create a Google Account (Its Free!)

Gmail (Google Email Service) has now taken over from Yahoo Mail, as the most popular free email service. The reason why Gmail is now the most popular Free Email service is because a Google account is a compulsory requirement for accessing all the wonderful free Google products and services. For ...

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Why Gossip News Blogs are Liabilities to the Google Adword Advertisers

In my opinion, the gossip news blog and other unadvertising friendly niches like jokes, quotation, rock climbing blogs etc shouldn,t be allowed to sign up to the Google adsense program. The traffic that those unadvertising friendly blogs send to the websites of the Adwords advertisers, have a very low conversion ...

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Linda Ikeji’s Blog VS Neil Patel’s Blog| Whose Blog Makes More Money?

Good day and welcome to my blog. Today i,m going to write about the importance of quality (targeted) traffic when it comes to making money through blogging and i,m going to use Neil Patel’s Blog and Linda Ikeji’s Blog as examples in this article to enable you to clearly see ...

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What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work

Affiliate Marketing can simply be defined as the online (internet) version of Marketing (sales) jobs. Do you still remember the days when a sales guy working for a certain company (usually the cosmetic companies) would come and knock on your door and try to sell you a range of cosmetic products? ...

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