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How to choose a profitable Ad sense friendly Niche

To be able to make lots of money through the Google adsense program, you will need to choose an ad sense friendly niche. An adsense friendly niche is simply an advertising friendly niche. An advertising friendly niche is a niche where the suggested bids (Estimated Avg. CPC) on keywords  is very ...

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What is Quick Install?

Most web hosting companies (like Hostgator) now provides a little wordpress installation wizard called quick install that has made the installation of the wordpress application a breeze i.e. with just a click of a mouse the wordpress application will be automatically installed on your hosting space and you can start ...

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What is a selfhosted wordpress blog?

A self hosted wordpress blog is a wordpress powered blog that is hosted on a private server space rather than on the free wordpress.com server computer. In other words, to create a selfhosted wordpress blog, you will need to rent a server space (hosting space) from the web server computer ...

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What is a wordpress plugin?

A plugin is a small piece of software that adds extra functions to a WordPress powered  website or blog. Just like an Android  app will enable you to add extra functions to your Android powered smartphone even without any knowledge about programming, the WordPress plugins will also enable you to ...

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