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The easiest way to start a blog

Nowadays almost anybody can set up and manage a blog thanks to the existence of the WordPress software. WordPress is a free web based blogging software that will enable you (anybody) to create a very beautiful and fully functional blog without writing any code. WordPress is the reason why there ...

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Secure your MTN Mobile Money Account

How to secure your MTN Mobile Money Account After subscribing to the MTN mobile money banking service, your MTN sim card automatically becomes your bank account while you become the bank manager of that bank account. As the manager of your MTN mobile money account, the safety of your MTN ...

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How are web pages created? the basics

Web pages (the containers for web contents) are created using a Web programming language called Hypertext Markup Language (popularly known as HTML). HTML is a web programming language that is used to create web pages, its properties and also format the texts found in web pages. HTML is also used to insert ...

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What is a web page?

Every web site is made up of web pages. Web pages serve as containers for the information or files found in websites (web servers). Web pages enables the contents of websites to be displayed on our browser in an organized manner. Related web files or information are often published on ...

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Top blogs powered by WordPress

Even though its clearly written in most blogging books in Amazon and numerous blogs that WordPress is the easiest, cheapest and the quickest blogging software that almost anybody can use to create a blog (website), so many would be bloggers are still very reluctant to create a blog and start ...

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