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What is a niche

A niche is simply a blogging lingo (jargon) that refers to the main topic (theme) of a blog. In other words, a niche is simply the topic (subject) that a blogger has choosen to blog about or focus on. For example if you have decided to write about pets stuff, ...

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What is Quick Install?

Most web hosting companies (like Hostgator) now provides a little wordpress installation wizard called quick install that has made the installation of the wordpress application a breeze i.e. with just a click of a mouse the wordpress application will be automatically installed on your hosting space and you can start ...

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How to transfer your content from your wordpress.com blog to your selfhosted wordpress blog

One of the reasons that makes many wordpress.com bloggers very reluctant to move from the free wordpress.com blogging platform and set up a blog on the self hosted wordpress blogging platform i.e. wordpress.org is because they believe that if  they move (migrate) from the free limitted wordpress.com blogging platform to ...

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