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Feasibility Study of Internet Cafe Business

The first thing you need to do before you start buying equipments, furnitures and other requirements for your internet cafe business is Feasilibility study.

Feasibility study is a research that is carried out on a business plan or idea to determine whether it will be successful in a particular country or city (provided that you have the essential skills and attitude to run the business).In otherwords feasibility study is used to determine the viability of an idea.

Feasibility study of an internet cafe business is a research carried out to determine whether an internet cafe business will be successful in a particular place. Feasibility study is the first step of every successful Internet cafe business.It will enable you to determine if your business will fail or succeed.

Determining early that a business idea or plan will not work for you, saves time, money and heartache later.

Feasibility study will help answer the question that often scare most entrepreneurs which is “will this business succeed?”. No business idea or plan is universally feasible. So its very essential that you carry out feasibility study.

How out to carry out feasibility study.

In order to effectively carry out feasibility study of your internet cafe business, you should try to get answers to the following questions.

Are there ,many Cyber Cafes in this place (the area you wish to set up your internet cafe business)?.

If there are many cyber cafes in the area, its a sign that, the demand for internet cafe services in that area must be high. But if there,s non, its either because internet cafe business is not successful in that area or because there,s not enough demand for internet cafe services in the area. Internet cafe is one of the most successful business in any country and so if there,s no Cyber cafe in an area that you think they aught to be, then there,s something wrong. Until you find out what is wrong, do not set up an internet cafe business in that area.Summarily

Who are the internet Cafe customers that area (where you intend to set up your internet Cafe)?.

If you know who your customers are, you will be able to offer services that are highly relevant to them.

What kind of services do most internet cafe customers want.
– Most internet cafe customers want fast speed internet
– They want internet cafes with printing service.
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