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How bloggers make more money than your Boss


How bloggers make money online

Prior to starting a blog, i have often wondered why most people decide to create blogs or what they intend to achieve by doing that. I already knew the desire to share thoughts or knowledge was the popular reason why most people start blogging but i wasn,t aware of the financial benefit (motivation) especially due to the fact that i have looked around most blogs but don,t see any donate or buy now  button anywhere but just E-mail subscription forms and how-to articles. Nevertheless  I strongly believed that there must be a financial benefit behind blogging. Its almost impossible for a human being (a business animal) to create an information rich blog like neilpatel.com for nothing.Nobody can spend his/her quality time and money to create a beautiful and fully functional blog and constantly publish and update the blog with quality and price worthy info for nothing. Can you do that for nothing? ofcourse no!!!.

Nevertheless i said to myself “Solowayne don,t be too quick to conclude, not everybody is like you (too money minded)”, maybe these people (the bloggers) are just another category of good people like our clergy men (who preach for nothing) but i immediately remembered that the pastors receive offerings and tithes every sabbath day for their service and the bloggers can,t be more benevolent/altruistic than our clergy men. So i  finally concluded without any iota of doubt that there must be a way that most of these bloggers monetize their blogs.

My curiosity led me to google and i was soo amazed with what i found. Most Bloggers make more money than us (the 9-5 workers). The full time bloggers even make more money than your boss.I,m not joking pls!!!. Full time bloggers like Christina Clayfield, Neil Patel, Mike Omar, Lisa Irby, Daren Rowse, Yaro Starak and other very successful bloggers make more than a million dollar from their  respective blogs per year.

What surprised me the most was the fact that most of these successful bloggers (that make a 6 figure amount) from their blogs are not too intelligent or wise as i imagine. They are just ordinary hardworking people (like you and i) who make money online following very simple methods and procedures that every hardworking guy can emulate.

After reading about how most of the successful bloggers make money from their blogs and also after evaluating myself and very confident that i can do that too, instantly!!! an idea came in to my mind about quiting my 9-5 job and become a full time blogger. So i decided to do that especially due to the fact that i was very tired of my boring 9-5 job and fed up with my boss (AKA Mr Nagging). In addition to that i was extremely passionate about writing. Doing what you love and earning money from it, is the dream job of anybody.

That same day (that i made that very important discovery), my best friend and colleaque came over to my house and i had to explain to him what i was planning to do. I told him that i was planning to quit my day job to start a blogging career. My best friend didnt even know what the term blog (blogging) means so i had to explain to him what the whole concept of blogging is all about. I told him that i wanted to quit my 9-5 job to create a website full of usefull or relevant information that people all over the world will be able to read and change their lives and that i will be working full time on the blog…so no time for my 9 to 5.While explaining everything, my bestie was staring at me (in a daze) as if he was either doubting my sanity or eager to hear something.

Immediately i said this is how i,m going to monetize my blog, he said ” aha! that is what i have been waiting to hear. However after telling him the monetization methods, he advised me not to quit my 9-5 job but to begin working part time on my blog and after i have made a few dollars from my blog and think that blogging is truely profitable or something i really wanted to do, before i can quit my day job but i said “no!!! thanks for your advice. I have already made up my mind. I just wanted to inform you (as my best friend) of the bold step i was about to take and not to seek advice”.He said good luck and i said thanks and he left. At the end of the month, i quitted my 9-5.

The following month,i chose my niche and also googled and read many articles about how to start a blog. The procedures to start a blog were not too complicated as i imagined (thought it would be).I thought i will have to study web designing or hire a professional web designer to create a blog for me but i was so surprised that its very easy to create a blog ( i could do that by myself and save the $1000 i would have spent in hiring a web programmer). I said to myself “this must be a good omen”, blogging is truely my dream job.

It will surprise you to know that it took me (a technophobe) only 15 minutes to create this beautiful and fully functional blog and i didn,t even know anything about web designing or graphic designing to be able to do that (i didn,t type any code). All the glory goes to WordPress.

WordPress is a free, Web-based software program that anyone can use to build and manage a website or blog. WordPress is the blogging industry standard blogging software. About 70% of the existing blogs were created using the WordPress software.

WordPress makes it possible for almost anybody to create a very beautiful and fully functional blog without writing anycode.Infact if you can create an email address and facebook account by yourself then you will be able to create a very beautiful and fully functional blog with the wordpress application. I,m very serious!! the only experience i had online then (i.e. before creating this blog) was checking email and Facebooking.   So if i can do it, then you can do it too.

If you still haven,t created your own blog, read my step by step how to start a blog guide and set up your own blog within 10 minutes and proceed to the next chapter. Yes!!! you read that well… within 10 minutes. I assume you are more computer savvy than i and so you should be able to create your blog faster than i (less than 15 minutes). Another Good News !!! it will cost you just a cup of coffee at starbucks per month (less than $20) to set up your own blog.

How i started making money from my blog.

After setting up my blog and posting a few quality articles on it, i decided to join the Google adsense program because i heard its the easiest way that newbie bloggers (like me) start monetizing their blogs.

The Google adsense program is a pay per click advertisement partnership program. Bloggers partner with Google via adsense, so that Google can display some of their  ads (the Google sponsored ads AKA ads by Google) on their blogs and each time the google ads that have been displayed on their blogs is clicked by a web visitor, the bloggers receive a commission (percentage) of what the advertiser is paying google for the ad. It,s a joint advertisement partnership program (between Google and bloggers (website owners). Google is just like a middle man HELPING the online advertisers (the adword advertisers) and the bloggers (the Google adsense partners) to get connected.

How the Google adsense advertisement partnership program works

  • Everyday numerous E-business men&women (advertisers) submit all kinds of ads to the Google company through their Adwords advertisement platform. In case you don,t know, AdWords is the platform through which the Google company receive ads from online advertisers. To advertise your business online through Google and its Adsense partners, you will need to go to the Google adwords website to create and submit your ad to Google. After the ads have been submitted, Google will show/display some of the ads on their search results pages and some on its adsense partner,s blog, YouTube videos and Apps.
  • Bloggers (website owners), Vloggers (YouTube video makers), and Android Apps owners, partner with Google through their Adsense advertisement partnership program so that Google can display/show some of their adwords ads (especially the relevant ones) on their blogs (websites), YouTube videos, and Apps. As people browse the web, watch YouTube videos, use an App, advertisers can use the Google adsense platform to show them ads. Google has more than 2 million Adsense partners. Google adsense is the platform through which bloggers (website owners), Vloggers and App owners partner with the Google to enable Google to display some of their ads (the ads by Google) on their blogs, YouTube videos and Apps. I hope you now understand the difference between Adword and Adsense?.
  • Every time a Google ad (an ad by Google) which have been displayed on an adsense partner,s blog (website), YouTube video and App is clicked, the advertiser (the person who is running the adword advertising campaign) has to pay Google for the click while Google also has to pay the adsense partner 68% of the cost of the click.Since the Google company finds the advertisers for you, they take 32% of the cost of the click. If you feel that the 32% cut that Google takes out of every click, is too big, you can try to bypass Google middle man monopoly by searching for advertisers yourself but experience will teach you that its very hard to find one hence the reason why many bloggers decide to join the Google adsense advertisment partnership program to show ads on their blogs. Nevertheless, if you can succeed in finding advertisers yourself, you will be able to make more money than the Google adsense partners because you will be able to set your own ad rates and share your advertisement revenues with nobody. Like i mentioned earlier, that can only be posible after your blog start attracting thousands of web visitors per day and that can only happen after working hard on your blog for not less than 9 months. If you are not patient enough to wait for 9 months to start making money from your blog, then you have no better choice than to join the Google adsense program.

Now that searching for advertisers is not an option, someone may likely want to ask (with a pathetic voice); but how much is the cost of a click on a Google ad and how much will be my share and that of Google?

The cost of each click on a Google ad may cost anywhere from $0.04 (£0.03) to $80 (£59) depending on the profitability of your niche. Let,s take for example that a click on ad cost $8, you get paid 68% of $8 each time the ad is clicked. Let,s do the Arithmetic, 68% of $8, is about $5.44. So $5.44 will be your share of the cost ($8) of the click while Google takes the rest $2.56 (32% of $8=$2.56).

If just 100 web visitors can click on that $5.44 ad per day, you will earn $544 per day. Imagine that!!! just for 1 day you will earn an amount that is greater than your 9-5 salary from your blog through the Google adsense program. Now multiply that figure ($544) by 30. You will be making $16320 if just 100 web visitors click on your $5.44 ad per day for 30 days. Woww!!!!!. If more people can click on the Google ad on your blog, the greater your profit. I hope you have now gotten a very clear picture of how lucrative the blogging business is?. If not, you will understand better when the money becomes tangible. Ok let,s continue……..

Google charges its adwords advertisers and also credits the accounts of its adsense partners on a pay per click basis…meaning that the adsense advertisers only pays Google when somebody clicks on their ads and Google also pays its adsense partners their commission only when an ad on their website or blog is clicked . This insinuates that if non of your web visitor ever clicks on the Google ads which have been displayed on your blog, you won,t earn even a cent through the Google adsense program. How to get your web visitors to click on the Google ads? is the fundamental $64,000 question that my $6 Google adsense book will help you to answer.

Umm ok i hope you have now perfectly understood how the Google adsense advertisement program works???.

So if you have a blog or website you don’t need to worry about where to find E-business men&women that will advertise on your blog or website for you to make money online. Prior to existence of the Google adsense program, bloggers had to contact so many e-business men&women in their niche to find out if they would be interested in placing an ad for their products and services on their blog. Only the popular bloggers or website owners (whose blogs or websites were receiving more than 20,000 web visitors per day) succeeded in selling ad spots on their blog while the unpopular blogger that lack credibility had no way to monetize their blogs. Today all that has changed. You don,t need to wait for years for your blog to become popular for you to start monetizing your blog thanks to the existence of the Google adsense program. Because of the Google adsense advertisement partnership program, you can create a blog today and start monetizing it today.

Google already has a long list of people who wish to advertise all kinds of products and services through their adwords advertisement platform.All you need to do to make money online from your blog or website, is to partner with Google, through their adsense advertisement partnership program and Google will start displaying some of their ads (mostly the ones relevant to your niche) on your blog and you get paid every time one of your web visitor clicks on one of those Google ads which have been displayed on your blog.

If you have used the Google search engine before, you must have seen the Google sponsored ads links (the ads by Google links with the little adchoices icon). They are often displayed along side their search results. When you partner with Google through their adsense advertisment network, google will start displaying some of those ads on your blog (the relevant ones) and you get paid a commision of the cost of  each click on a google sponsored ad which has been display on your blog.

Depending on the quality (how targetted your web visitors are) and the quantity (volume) of your web traffic/visitors, you can even make thousands of dollars per day through the Google adsense program. Like i said before, the cost of each click on a Google ad may cost anywhere from $0.04 (£0.03) to $80(£59) depending on the profitability of your niche. Each time a Google ad is clicked on your blog, you get 68% of the cost of the click while the Google company receives 32% of the cost of the click.

One of the reasons why its sooooo easy to make lots of money through the Google adsense program is due to the fact that google will always display relevant ads on your blog. For example if the niche (main topic) of your blog is about how to train pitbulls, google will likely display pitbull training course ads, pitbull food ads, pitbull toys and other ads related to the topic of your blog or ads that your target audience will likely be interested in and  this will influence the click through rate of those ads which equals to more money.


So i joined the Google adsense program and displayed some of the Google ads on my blog. It will surprise you to know that i didn,t make (earn) up to $15 after 4 months of joining the Google adsense program. The advice that my best friend gave me started echoing in my head  Solowayne start working on your blog part time and when you start making enough money from your blog then that,s when you can quit your day job. That was a very wise advice my best friend gave me but i gave him a deaf ear because i was too infatuated by the desire to make passive income.

At this point the level of adrenaline in my body suddenly became very high, panic set in, and so many evil thoughts were running in my mind. One evil thought keep persuading me to click repeatedly (as many times as possible) on the Google ads which has been display on my blog and increase my adsense earnings but i immediately resisted the temptation. Google has an extremely clever system to detect fraudulent clicks and doesn,t hesitate to suspend and close adsense accounts.Google is not stupid.The Google company has been running the adsense program for 14 yrs  now (since 2003) and so it knows almost all the tricks used by bloggers to illegally increase their adsense earnings.  Apart from that, it is illegal and certainly not ethical. So i will advice you not to also click on your own Adsense ads. Google might ban you for good. Do not also ask your friends to repeatedly click on all the Google ads which has been displayed on your blog in order to boost your adsense earnings. You are not also allowed to incentivized or trick your web visitors to click on the Google ads. Pls read the Google adsense guidelines to learn more about the Google adsense rules.  Google wants your web visitors to click on the Google ads out of their own free will ( because they are interested in the products or services of the advertisers) so that the advertisers can also get a bang for their buck; which is the main reason why the Google adword pay per click advertisement service is the most sought after online advertisement platform (its very cost-effective). Many E-business men&women submit ads to Google (and not to other similar online advertising networks like Chitika, Adbrite and Media.net) because they want a high return on their investment. Most advertisers often stop their ads from being shown if they are not making any money through AdWords. Every advertiser wants to get a bang for their buck.

By clicking on the Google adsense ads and also incentivizing your web visitors to click on the Google ads, you will be stealing from the advertisers and indirectly tanishing the image or credibility of the Google advertisement service and this may cause Google to lose its position as the  biggest online advertisement company;a reputation that it has struggled to build for so many years. Google doesn,t want that to happen, that,s why it doesn,t hesitate to suspend and ban the adsense accounts of Fraudulent adsense partners.

Despite the above facts, you have to be empathetic. If you were an advertiser, will you like the adsense partners to click on your ad or tell their friends to click on your ad without you getting any return on the money you spent on advertisement? ofcourse Hell, no!!!. So do unto others what you will like others to do unto you.


Another thought came to my  mind about looking for another 9-5 but i asked myself, if those ordinary people (referring to the successful bloggers) can make thousand of dollars from their blogs per month, why can,t i do that too?.So i went back to Google to find out why and i made another very important discovery (the discovery that gave me the green light to cross the poverty line).

The main reason why i didn,t make a reasonable amount of money through the Google adsense program was low traffic. During my first 4 months of blogging, i did almost nothing to drive traffic to my blog. Just like any other newbie blogger,  i thought all i needed to do to make  money online is just to create a blog, publish few quality articles on it and apply to join the Google adsense program and thats all, money will start coming. So all i did was to write quality articles and publish on my blog and doing nothing to drive traffic. During this first 4 months of barrenness (barren patch), my blog readership was very low  ( i was recieving not more than 600 web visitors per month).

After carrying out further research about making money online, it was then that i found out that creating a blog and publishing quality articles on it, is the easy (ABC) part of the blogging bizness. The success of blogging lies in knowledge about how to drive quality (targeted)  traffic to a blog through SEO and social media marketting. This insinuates that i have been doing almost nothing for  4 months (minus the publication of articles).

After reading about SEO and social media marketting and effectively applying the knowledge in my blog, my web traffic and adsense earnings sky rocketed simultaneously. To cut a long story short, i now make more than $3000 per month from my blog through the Google adsense program and i have been blogging for just 6 months now. Imagine how much i will be making from my blog in one year time. I,m not bragging but just testifying that blogging is a very lucrative business.

 How Google pays its adsense advertisement partners.

After you have successfully joined (sign up to)  the Google adsense advertisement partnership program, Google will automatically create an adsense account for you. Each time a Google ad on your blog or website is clicked, Google will automatically credit your adsense account with your commission (share of the cost of that click).

adsense earning

When the earnings in your adsense account reaches the  minimum adsense payment threshold; which is $100 (its equivalent in your local currency), Google will pay you.

If you feel $100 is too small and don,t want to be paid when your adsense earnings reaches $100 (the minimum adsense payout threshold), you can set your own adsense payment threshold and you will be paid when your adsense earnings reaches the predetermined threshold. For example my own adsense payment threshold is  $1000. Whenever the earnings in my adsense account reaches $1000 Google will pay me.

The Google company pays its adsense partners using several payment methods which include, Checks, EFT, Wire transfer and Western union quick cash.

Google Adsense partners are free to choose their preferred payment method. I often use the Western union payment method to receive my adsense earnings. Whenever the earnings in my adsense account reaches my payment threshold ($1000), Google often send me a western union money transfer control number (MTCN) through my email address. When i receive the number, i just run to my nearest Western Union branch to withdraw my adsense earnings and start spending.

Google adsense verification process.

Before the Google adsense partners can start receiving their adsense earnings (payments) from Google, they must have to verify their adsense account.

Google wants to ensure that all adsense accounts are created and run by responsible humans (legal entities) and not robots or an automated software created by a hacker.

Google adsense is a very serious business; where e-business men&women invest their hard-earned money hoping to get a high return on their investment. Google wants to make sure that its adsense partners are responsible humans able to obey the rules of the Google adsense advertisement partnership program so that the advertisers can achieve their objectives.

How the Google adsense account verification process works.

When the earnings in your adsense account reaches, $10 or its equivalent in your local currency, you will be asked to verify your adsense account.

To verify your adsense account, Google will send you a post card that contains your adsense account verification pin through your mail address (P.O. Box).

The Google adsense postcard (that contains your adsense account verification pin) often takes a maximum of 3 weeks to arrive depending on your location. If you are in US, you will receive the adsense post card within 5 days.

Many adsense partners don,t have a personal post office box (P.O Box) which makes it very difficult for them to receive their adsense verification pin.

If you don,t have a mailing address (P.O box), use that of  your church or school. Thats what i did. Since i,m a Catholic christian, i just entered the mailing address of my local catholic church as my mail address. After 3 weeks i went and collected it from the post man of my church. Many of my friends (fellow bloggers) received their adsense postcard using the mailing address of their school. If you have a friend who has a mailing address (P.O box), you can beg that friend to use his/her mailing address to receive your adsense postcard.

If you are not stingy like me, you can go to your local post office to create your own Mail address (P.O box). Since e-mail address became popular, the fee required to create a mail address has become very cheap. So with just a small amount, you can have your own mailing address.

Let,s assume that the earnings in your adsense account have reached $10 and you already have a mailing address (P.O box), within a maximum period of 3 weeks, you will receive the adsense post card that contains your adsense account verification pin.

When you receive your adsense postcard, enter the 4 digit account verification pin (written on your adsense postcard) into to the account verification space provided and click on the verify account button and your adsense account will be verified.

You will now be able to receive your adsense earnings when the earnings in your adsense account reaches your payment threshold.

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