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How To Become MTN Sim Registration Agent

The stiff competition between MTN Cameroon and other Mobile network companies in Cameroon has made the MTN Cameroon network to be always in need of  Sim Registration Agents (marketers).

The MTN Cameroon network is always willing to work with hardworking and talented Cameroonians that will market their Simcards and distribute their flyers so as to maintain its reputation as the biggest Mobile network in Cameroon.

Over the past 2 yrs, you must have noticed many Youth on the street wearing MTN branded Tshirts and selling MTN simcards.I,m very sure they must have sold a Sim to you. Those are the hardworking and talented MTN marketers i,m talking about.

Did you notice how fresh and good looking they are.You too can become one of them and change your life. It just a matter of choice.

The MTN Cameroon marketing Jobs are low requirment jobs. Simply put, you don,t need even O Level to become an MTN marketer.

All you need is a good communication skill (and fluent in English, French and Pidgin ) to be able to effectively and efficiently market their products.

It should be noted that the MTN marketers are paid based on unit sold and not on a monthly basis (on salary). So the more MTN simcards sold, the greater your profit.

Insinuates that if you have all those qualities mentioned above (a good communication skill and hardworking), then making money as an MTN marketer becomes as easy as breathing.

Being hardworking is a must because if you don,t sell any unit, you wont get paid hence the reason why so many MTN marketers quit within a week.

How you choose to market the MTN products depends on you i.e. you can either choose to to hawk or sit in a location with potential MTN Customers and shouting “buy MTN simcards” like the traders do in the market.

After hearing about this wonderful money making opportunity, you may likely want to ask; how do i begin?

After self evaluation and you are fully convinced that you can become an MTN marketter, just go to the MTN head office in your City with a Photocopy of your ID and Birth Certificate. When you reach there, tell them that you wish to become an MTN marketer and you will be ushered to the MTN Marketing manager.

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