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How to choose a profitable Ad sense friendly Niche

To be able to make lots of money through the Google adsense program, you will need to choose an ad sense friendly niche. An adsense friendly niche is simply an advertising friendly niche.

An advertising friendly niche is a niche where the suggested bids (Estimated Avg. CPC) on keywords  is very high, advertisers are also very willing to bid on keywords at the suggested bid prices and the keywords within the niche have a very high monthly search volume.

The “Estimated Avg. CPC” is the estimated amount that you would earn per click on your AdSense ads. Simply put, it is the amount Google will pay into your adsense account each time somebody clicks on one of the adsense ads which have been displayed on your blog.  So if the cost per click on keywords is high, you will make more money from a single click.

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To find out how much you could possibly earn per click and the list of keywords that the adwords advertisers have targeted within your target niche, you will need to use the Google keyword planner tool.
The Google keyword planner or Adword tool will give you a list of popular keywords used by Google users, their search volume as well as the amount that the adwords advertiser are willing to pay per click (their cost per click) for those keywords. The target keywords within your niche are the keywords that your target audience are using to search for information about your niche (the subject you are blogging about ).

For example what is a domain name? How to register a domain name, are popular keywords within the domain name niche mostly used by people interested in the domain name subject (niche). The Google keyword planner tool will enable you to know the cost per click of the keywords within your niche and the monthly search volume of the various keywords. Simply put, the Google keyword planner tool will enable you to know the total number of times that a particular keyword within your niche is being typed in to the Google search bar per month. This information is important in that, it will enable you to estimate the amount of web visitors that your blog can possibly receive as well as the cost per click of the google ads that have been displayed on your blog.
To be able to use the Google keyword planner tool, you must have a Gmail account (Gmail email address). If you don’t have a Gmail account, go to my blog accountsignup.blogspot.com and learn how to create a Gmail account. Its free!!!.

After you have created your gmail account, login in to your gmail account. After you have done that, click on this link to go to the google keyword planner website.
After you have clicked on that link,you’re going to arrive at a screen that’ll ask you “What would you like to do?” Click on the column that says “Search for new keyword and ad group ideas.”

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