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How to receive your Facebook Notifications through SMS

Facebook (the most popular social networking website), provides a service that makes it possible for the Facebook users to receive their new Facebook notifications through SMS. To start receiving the free Facebook notification messages, you will need to update the settings of your Facebook profile by adding your phone number to your Facebook profile in order to activate the service.After configuring your Facebook account, you will now be able to receive free notifications through Mobile SMS for

  • Every new Facebook messages received.
  • Every new Friend requests
  • Every new likes on your FB posts, comments and photos
  • Every new comments made on your photos or posts on Facebook.
  • Every new photos and posts published by your facebook friends.

How the Facebook notification SMS service works

For example After adding your phone number to your Facebook profile, if somebody send you a friend request on Facebook, likes or comments on your Facebook posts,  you will instantly receive a notification SMS from Facebook on your mobile phone about that activity (latest update) so that you can instantly log in to Facebook and respond instantly.

Since it,s impossible for anybody stay connected (online) on Facebook 24/7, Facebook created this service to enable its clients to keep abreast with any news updates on Facebook while offline. So if you don,t want to leave alone your Facebook for a single minute, then you need to freely subscribe to the Facebook SMS notification service.

The service is free i.e. you won,t be charged by MTN, Orange, Nexttel and other mobile networks for receiving your  Facebook notifications through SMS. Facebook has already paid for that. All you need to do in order to receive every update about your Facebook account through SMS, is just to subcribe to the Facebook notification SMS service and you will start receiving notification SMS from Facebook.

Sometimes you send people messages on Facebook and after 4 days you still haven,t received a reply. This is because they haven,t subcribed to the Facebook SMS notification service or else Facebook would have notified them via SMS about those messages you sent to them.

How to subscribe the Facebook free SMS notification service.


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