How To Start a Cassava Processing Company (In Cameroon or Nigeria)

If you have been wondering how to start a Cassava Processing Company in Cameroon or Nigeria, then this article was specifically written for you. I,m going to show you how to start a large scale garri production business in Cameroon or Nigeria.

Given that garri constitute the staple diet of most people (families) in Cameroon and Nigeria, there’s no doubt that a Garri production business will be highly successful in Cameroon and Nigeria.In addition to that, the recent increase in the price of garri due to scarcity, has made garri production a very profitable niche to invest in.

So if you wish to start a Cassava processing company in Cameroon or Nigeria to focus on Garri production, you don,t need to spend too much time in carrying out feasibility study or doubt the feasibility of this business idea. Go ahead and invest your money.

Somebody may likely want to ask; if garri production is a very lucrative business, why are you not already involved in Garri production?. 

That’s a nice question!. Who will see a gold mine and instead tell other people to go and exploit it? Nobody right?

The answer to the above question is inadequate Capital!.

After carrying out a feasibility study on a Garri production business in Cameroon, i realised that the capital i had set aside to set up this business was far below the necessary capital so i had to suspend the project. But i said to myself, if you can’t set up this business, why not share the knowledge so that the people who have the necessary capital but are wondering how to start a Cassava processing company, can start exploiting this gold mine. So i decided to write this article.  

Ok now that you are fully convinced that your business idea will be successful, let’s get started.


What you will need in order to Start a Cassava Processing Company (In Cameroon).

  1. Capital

The number one requirement to start a Cassava processing company is capital. You will need capital for the following purpose.

  • First! you will need to get a Licence to set up your Cassava Processing Company in Cameroon or Nigeria.
  • You will need to construct or rent a structure that you will use for your Garri production business.
  • You will need Garri processing machines
  • You will need Raw materials (Cassava).
  • You will need Labour (both skilled and unskilled)

2. Business Plan.

Tax cost.





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