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How to transfer your content from your wordpress.com blog to your selfhosted wordpress blog

One of the reasons that makes many wordpress.com bloggers very reluctant to move from the free wordpress.com blogging platform and set up a blog on the self hosted wordpress blogging platform i.e. wordpress.org is because they believe that if  they move (migrate) from the free limitted wordpress.com blogging platform to the unlimitted selfhosted wordpress blogging platform (wordpress.org), they will lose all their old posts and pages that they have  published on their wordpress.com blog over the years/months  i.e. they don,t want to start all over again and start writing new posts and pages for their blog  or to start copying and pasting hundred or thousand of blog posts and pages one after the other from their wordpress.com blog to their selfhosted wordpress blog which will be  very time and energy consuming.They prefer to just continue  blogging on the limitted wordpress blogging platform i.e. wordpress.com and aviod the headache. Ignorance is bliss!!!.

I specifically wrote this article to let every wordpress.com blogger who has been reluctant to move to the paid selfhosted wordpress blogging platform i.e. wordpress.org  (the dream blogging platform) due to the above reason, to know that its very very easy to tranfer contents from the wordpress.com platform to the selfhosted wordpress platform (wordpress.org). Infact with just a click of your mouse and within 3 minutes, you will be able export all the old blog posts and pages you have published on your wordpress.com blog to your new selfhosted wordpress blog. Yes!!! just like that i.e. without you copying and pasting anything. I have done that before and that,s why i,m telling you that its quiet easy to do that.

I actually started blogging on the free wordpress.com blogging platform and decided to move to the selfhosted wordpress blogging platform 3 months later after reading about the limitations of the free wordpress.com blogging platform. I,m very happy i made that transition.

The purpose of the free wordpress.com blogging platform.

It should be noted that the limitted free wordpress.com blogging website was designed to serve as a testing ground for the wordpress blogging software, so that the newbie bloggers can get their feet wet (learn how to use the wordpress application) before migrating (moving) to the actual paid self hosted blogging platform (wordpress.org).

In otherwords, the free WordPress.com blogging website is just a demo blogging platform and that,s why it (the wordpress.com platform) has so many limitations. Simply put, wordpress.com is just like the trial blogging platform for the wordpress application at wordpress.org.

Due to the fact that the free wordpress.com blogging platform is the demo blogging platform for the wordpress blogging application and therefore a temporal blogging site, the wordpress application developers had to make it possible for the wordpress.com bloggers to easily move (switch) from the limitted free blogging platform (wordpress.com) to the actual blogging platform (wordpress.org) after they are done testing.

So after you are done testing on the free wordpress.com platform and you have now made up your mind that you want to become a serious blogger and start making money online through blogging, you will need to seperate yourself from the mediocre (amateur) bloggers at wordpress.com, by transfering all your wordpress.com blog contents i.e. your old posts, pages, pictures, videos and music files from the limited testing platform (at wordpress.com) to the full priviledge blogging platform i.e. the wordpress.org site and become part of the blogosphere.

The wordpress appliction developers has made the transition so smooth and easy enough for every one to migrate. Infact the transition will be so smooth and unnoticeable that many of your web visitors won,t even notice what you just did. I mean you will still be able to maintain your wordpress theme, blog settings, posts, pages and the pictures and videos you have uploaded to your blog posts.

The situation will just be like a portable house that was carried by a crane and taken to another site. Both the portable house and its content will remain intact. The only thing about the house  that will change is just the address of the house. Similarly when you move your blog from the WordPress.com site to the WordPress.org site, everything about your blog will remain unchanged except the address of your blog. The web address (domain name) your blog will no longer be yourblogname.wordpress.com but yourblogname.com (which makes your blog very professional). Your blog will now have a new address because its no longer hosted on the wordpress.com site.

In addition to the above advantage, After moving your blog to the permanent site (the wordpress.org site) you will now be able to enjoy the full priviledge of the wordpress application i.e. you will be able to install premium wordpress themes and also install many cool plugins on your wordpress powered blog and also customize your wordpress blog and make it look exactly the way you want. Just like a friend told me, moving from the wordpress.com site to the wordpress.org site is just like leaving your parent,s house to your own house. Just like after leaving your parents house, you will be able to take total control over your life(you now host your life and not your parents), similarly after leaving the wordpress.com site, you will now be able to take full control over your blog (you now host your blog and not wordpress).

In this article, i,m going to show you how you can easily move your blog from the free blogging platform (the wordpress.com site) to the selfhosted wordpress blogging platform (the wordpress.org site). Just follow the simple instructions i will give you and boom all your blog posts and pages will be on your selfhosted wordpress blog. Ok enough of all this talking talking talking, let,s get down to bizness.