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Internet Cafe Job Description|How to Hire

If you wish employ somebody to run your internet cafe business, then you should consider hiring a person who will be able to perform the following activities efficiently and effectively……

– Monitors login and logout of clients at the server.
– Assist clients in printing and scanning
– Assist clients in basic web usage (facebook, friendster, youtube, search engines, Yahoo, Gmail etc.). In otherwords the person should be familiar with all the popular social media platforms and Email providers so as to be able to assist clients.
– Will do basic cleaning of the units and the cafe during opening and closing.

In order for the person to be able to perform the above activities efficiently and effectively, he or she will need the following skills and Attitude.

– A HARDWORKING individual and willing to extend work hours if needed. Its very important that you specify an age limit in your job description.
– An individual who is TRUSTWORTHY and LOYAL.
– High School Graduate / College Level / Vocational Course
– Must have knowledge in Microsoft Office (Word and Excel) / OpenOffice Applications
– Knowledge in Internet Games and Connectivity (if you will be offering game services.
– Knowledge in basic computer troubleshooting is an advantage but not required.

In your Internet Cafe Job Description its also important that you add the following info, in order to be very specific.


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