Linda Ikeji’s Blog VS Neil Patel’s Blog| Whose Blog Makes More Money?

Good day and welcome to my blog. Today i,m going to write about the importance of quality (targeted) traffic when it comes to making money through blogging and i,m going to use Neil Patel’s Blog and Linda Ikeji’s Blog as examples in this article to enable you to clearly see the advantage of quality (targeted) traffic over quantity traffic.

I know many bloggers (especially those charlatans) will disagree with many of the things i,m about to say…. so i,m already prepared for the debate that awaits me in the comment section.

What motivated me to write this post, is the existence of so many misconceptions about the relationship between website traffic and making money online .

It,s written in almost every article about how to make money from blogging that to make lots of money through blogging you just need to create quality content and build traffic to your blog… that as soon as you start getting about 10,000 unique visitors per day you will start making lots of money from your blog.The above statement is wrong and misleading.

I know you must be doubting my sanity right now because you don,t see anything wrong with that statement.

Just the omission of the word targeted (quality) traffic from the above statement, makes that statement invalid and very misleading (to the newbie bloggers).

This is how the statement aught to be; You need good content and lots of quality (targetted) traffic, in order to make lots of money from your blog.

When i just started blogging, if somebody would have asked me a simple question like; between Linda Ikeji’s Blog and Neil Patel’s Blog, Whose Blog Makes More Money?, i would have quickly and loudly said Linda Ikeji’s Blog because i was so blinded  by the traffic misconception mentioned above.

I thought the greater the amount of traffic to a blog, the greater the amount of money that a blogger will make through Google adsense and through affiliate marketing because prior to starting a blog, i had read so many blog profit calculator posts where many charlatan bloggers even try to estimate the amount of money that a blogger can possibly make through Google adsense with a certain amount of traffic . For example the blogger at published an article about the amount of web traffic that,s needed by a blogger if he/she wants to make $100,000 through adsense per year.

So i was fully convinced that traffic is money. So my intension was to get any internet user to visit my blog for me to reach the recommended traffic threshold (10,000 visitors per day) so that i can also start making lots of money from my blog just like other bloggers.

In order to quickly get lots of traffic, i decided not to focus on a specific niche but to create a general knowledge blog so that i could freely write about anything that could bring any visitor to my blog.

Surprising when i started receiving more than 10,000 unique visitors to my blog (after using a haphazard strategy), the amount i was earning from my blog wasn,t a quarter of the amount i thought i would have earned from that amount of traffic as estimated by the blogger at minterest.

It was after i understood the difference between targeted traffic (quality) and untargeted (just quantity) traffic that i started making a reasonable amount of money from my blog. In case you are wondering how much i must be making from this blog, this blog generates $150 per day ($4500 per month) through adsense; which is ok for an 8 months old blog that is updated just 2 times per week.

I now believe without any iota of doubt that Neil Patel’s Blog makes 5 times the amount of money that Linda Ikeji makes from her blog per year.

For those of you who don,t know who Linda Ikeji is, Linda Ikeji is the most popular Nigerian blogger. Her blog ( is a Nigerian gossip news blog. The estimated monthly visitors to her blog according to the Google keyword planner search statistic is more than 1.4 million and the estimated monthly page views of her blog is more than 6 million page views. According to the Google keyword planner tool,  98% of her web visitors used the keyword Linda Ikeji to find her blog through Google. The monthly search volume of the keyword Linda Ikeji is 1.2 million. Linda Ikeji’s blog generates over a $200,000 in revenue per year. Linda Ikeji monetize her blog through Google Adsense and by selling ads spots to Nigerian e-business men.

For those of you who don,t know who Neil Patel is, Neil Patel is a very popular blogger (known world wide). His Blog i.e. is focus on topics like how to start a blog, SEO and how to make money blogging. According to Neil Patel, his blog receive more than 2.5 million visitors per year and generates over a million dollar in revenue per year. Majority of his blog visitors found his blog through the Google search engine using targetted keywords like how to start a blog, how to make money blogging and other relevant search terms.

From the statistics given above, you can see that the monthly traffic of Linda Ikeji’s blog is almost equal to the yearly visit to Neil Patel’s Blog. Yet Neil Patel makes 5 times the amount of money made by Linda Ikeji.

Somebody may likely want to ask why?

Reasons Why Neil Patel’s Blog makes more money than Linda Ikeji’s blog.

  1. Traffic difference

The main reason why Neil Patel’s blog make 5 times more money than Linda Ikeji’s Blog (even though Linda Ikeji’s blog gets 10 times more traffic than Neil Patel’s Blog) is due to quality (targetted) traffic. Like i said before, 98% of the visitors to Neil Patel’s blog landed on his blog using very specific or targeted keywords like how to start a blog, how to make money blogging and other advertising friendly keywords. If somebody searches in Google for “how to start a blog” they obviously want to start a blog and so these searches will convert a lot better through affiliate marketing and yield a higher click through rate in adsense.

Linda Ikeji’s blog is a typical example of a blog with untargeted (quantity) traffic i.e. traffic that can,t be easily monetize especially through Affiliate marketing. Majority of her web visitors landed on her blog using the keyword Linda Ikeji (a keyword that can,t be monetize) and those millions of visitors come to her blog to read the Nigerian gossip news of the day with no intention of spending or investing money hence the reason why majority of her blog readers have ads blindness.

Making money from a gossip blog like Linda Ikeji’s blog is based on the assumption that as millions of people view the Google adsense ads, there are people who may likely be interested in the adsense ads and likely to click on them. However the click through rate will be very low.

Listen carefully! when it comes to making money through blogging, quality traffic is more valuable than quantity (untargeted traffic). Its better to have a blog that receive 500 monthly visitors who found your blog using a very specific search term than have a blog that receive 5000 monthly visitors who came to your blog using a generic or an irrelevant search term.Only quality (targeted) traffic converts. Quality traffic is money. Quality traffic is the reason why most ecommerce websites pay $20 per click through adsense. Those ecommerce websites spend that huge amount of money on Google Adwords because they perfectly know that with quality traffic, they will make 5 times the amount they spent on Adwords.So if you wish to make lots of money through blogging, focus on getting quality (targeted) traffic to your blog and not just quantity (numbers).

Ever wondered why the pro bloggers will write 2000 words trying to explain to you how to target adsense niches with very high cost per click but use a phrase to explain how to get  targeted web visitors to your blog?. Because targetted traffic is where the money in blogging lies and they don,t want to share their adsense pie in your niche with you.

2. Niche Difference

Linda Ikeji’s Blog is a Nigerian gossip blog and most news blogs make very little amount of money through adsense due to untargeted (quantity) traffic.

Neil Patel doesn,t monetize his blog through adsense, but if he decides to start displaying adsense ads on his blog, he will be able to make 5 times more money than Linda Ikeji’s blog . The cost per click of the ads in Neil Patel’s Niche (how to start a blog, blogging tips and SEO ) is very high. In case you are wondering how Neil Patel monetize his blog, Neil Patel makes money from his blog through Affiliate marketing.

3. Demographic difference

According to, about 98% of the visitors to Linda Ikeji’s blog are from Nigeria and majority of the Nigerians are either not familiar with ecommerce OR many don,t feel confident shopping online due to trust issues (e-419).  This has caused many Nigerians to be ads blind. Due to the above reasons, the click through rate of the adsense ads on Linda Ikeji’s blog will obviously be very low.

On the other hand the visitors to Neil Patel’s blog are from USA, Europe and other parts of the world where people are very familiar with ecommerce and are very willing to buy products and subscribe to services online. Those are the type of audience that can be monetize. That,s why Neil patel,s blog will always make more money than Linda Ikeji’s blog.

Ok i hope you have clearly seen the benefit of quality traffic over quantity?. Quality (targetted) traffic is what you need to make money money from your blog. Quality traffic is money. The greater the amount of quality traffic you can get, the greater the amount of cash you will make from your blog. So focus on quality and not quantity. Like i said before, its better to have a blog that receive 500 monthly visitors who found your blog using a very specific or relevant keyword than have a blog that receive 5000 monthly visitors who came to your blog using a generic or an irrelevant search term.

We have come to the end of this article. If there,s anything you haven,t understood, let me know using the comment box below.




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