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Mobitv Nexttel |How Does the Nexttel TV Work

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What is Nexttel Mobitv? 

Nextel Mobile TV (popularly known as Mobitv Nexttel), is  a Mobile TV service offered by Nexttel Cameroon.

The Nexttel Mobile TV service makes it possible for the Nexttel Cameroon network subscribers to Watch Live TV on their smartphones.

The superfast speed internet of the Nexttel 3G network makes it possible for Nexttel Cameroon Subscribers to connect to the satelite and watch Live TV. Through the Nexttel Mobitv service, the Nexttel Cameroon clients can now watch channels like Africa magic, Supersport, Boom TV, Emmanuel TV and other TV channels found in their home cable network, using their smartphones.

Summarily, if you are a Nexttel Cameroon network Subscriber, you will be able to watch TV anywhere you are thanks to the availability of the Nexttel Mobitv service.

The Mobile TV service or the Nexttel Mobi TV  is simply  a  service that permits you to watch television on a mobile device (your smartphone) and Nexttel will be like your mobile cable company (it will provide you with all your favourite TV channels for you to watch on your mobile phone).

So if you are planning to go to your village, you don,t need to worry that you will miss your TV (Especially your favourite TV programs).

If your Village is under Nexttel network coverage, you will still be able to watch Live TV using your smartphone.

How to subcribe to the Nexttel Mobitv service

To be able to subscribe to the Nexttel Mobitv service to start watching Live TV on Your SmartPhone, your smartphone must meet the requirements below. Not all cell phones are compatible with the Nexttel Mobitv service.

Requirements of the Nexttel Mobitv service.

  •  Your Phone must be 3G or 4G enabled. The Nexttel Mobitv service relies on the superfast speed Nexttel Mobile Internet.
  • Nexttel simcard
  • Having a smartphone with a good screen quality (HD standard) is preferrable but not compulsory.

The operating system of your smartphone doesn,t matter. You can watch TV on any operating system ANDROID, iOS , windows and other smart phones operating system. I have used the Nexttel Mobitv service on Nokia ASHA.

Lets assume your Smartphone meets the above requirements.

How to subscribe to the Nexttel Mobile TV service.

Nexttel Cameroon offers its MobiTv service to its clients in 3 packages which include;

The daily package which cost 75 FCFA per day.

Duration:24Hours i.e. After subscribing to this package, you will be able to watch Live TV on your Smartphone for 24Hours

The Weekly Package which cost  200 FCFA per week


The Month Package which cost 545 FCFA per month

Duration:1 month

To subscribe to any of the above Nexttel Mobitv packages, you will need to go to the Nexttel Mobitv website. Type mobitv.nexttel.cm into the browser of your Mobile phone and you will arrive at the Nexttel Mobi TV website. It wont be charged i.e. it won,t cost you any internet data to access the Nexttel Mobitv website.

nexttel tv

At the Nexttel MobiTV website, just subscribe to the the MobiTV package that suits your need. After subscribing, you can start watching Live TV on your smartsphone instantly.

After using the Nexttel Mobitv service, i,m very sure that you will be tempted to sell your television set at home especially if you have a smartphone with an HD screen. The Nexttel

Ok that all you need to know about the Nexttel MobiTV service. If you have any question about the service,please let me know using the comment box below.  Bye for now!.