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MTN Bip Me| How to send a bipme message.

What is a BipMe message??.

Bip Me  is a free notification SMS that you (any MTN client) can send to another MTN client to inform him or her that you wish to call him or her but don,t have any airtime credit or enough airtime to make a call or even send a text message.

Bip Me mesage is also known as CALL ME BACK MESSAGE. This is because once the recipient of a BipMe message sees the message, he or she will immediately call the sender because… like i said before,  a BipMe message indicates that the sender wish to make a call to you (the receiver) but don,t have enough airtime credit to make that call or even to send a text message… so he wants you to call him or her (the sender).

Most people often send BipMe message when they have 00frs in their phone.So if a friend or brother sends you a Bipme message, just know that the phone of that brother or friend is empty. If you have enough airtime credit, you can call that brother or friend immediately. You can also send a Bipme message to that friend or brother to notify him or her that you are in the same situation.

BipMe is the most popular MTN service. Almost every MTN client have sent or have received a BipMe message before. Everyday millions of BipMe messages are sent by the MTN clients.

How to send a bipme message.

To send a BipMe message, simply dial this  USSD code: *166*enter-recipientnumber#.For example if you wish to send a message to a friend whose MTN phone number is 678457811, simply dial: *166*678457811#.

The easiest way to send a BipMe message, is to dial *123*3*5# and then enter the recipient,s phone number and press ok.

After you have sent a BipMe message you will see a notification message like …

Yello!! your Bip Me message was sent and other advert stuff.

Once you see that message, know that the recipient have already received the Bip Message.

This is how a Bip Me message looks like…

BipMe: You have received a Bip Me message from 678457811 (the sender,s number). Its just a short template SMS.

Once the receiver sees your Bip Me message, he or she will call you immediately if he or she has sufficient airtime credit.

The maximum BipMe message that Every MTN client is permitted to send per day is 4 and you won,t be charged for sending a BipMe message.


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