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MTN Cameroon Mobile Money API| How Does It Work

What is MTN Cameroon Mobile Money API ?

MTN Cameroon Mobile Money API is a bunch of code (provided by MTN Cameroon), that makes it possible for online shops (e-commerce websites) to accept Mobile money tranfers as a method of payment so that the MTN clients can conviniently pay for goods and services online using the funds in their Mobile Money accounts.

Its now very possible to buy from the Jumia Cameroon online shop using the funds in your MTN Mobile Money Account thanks to the MTN Cameroon Mobile Money API (that made it possible for  Jumia to intergrate the MTN mobile service to their online shop).

MTN Cameroon Mobile Money Api

So if you are an online shop owner, use the MTN Mobile Money API to offer MTN Mobile money as a method of Payment on your online shop.

Importance of the MTN Cameroon Mobile Money API

The MTN Cameroon Mobile Money API will enable the online shops (especially those targetting customers in Cameroon and other African countries) to boost sales.

It should be noted that one of the greatest barriers to ec0mmerce in Africa is Lack of a payment solution that is friendly to the African.

Most of the onlineshops mostly offer payment by Credit cards, Paypal and other payment option that isn,t familiar to the Africans. For example only 20% of the population of Cameroon own a credit (debit) card and only 2% have a paypal account. This explains why most Cameroonians and Africans are online window shoppers and why most ecommerce websites targetting customers in Africa don,t make lots of money online.

With the availability of the MTN Mobile Money as a payment option, the Cameoon online shops will be able to boost their sales. Almost everybody from all works of life in Cameroon now have an MTN Mobile Money account due to the fact that it doesn,t cost anything to open an MTN Cameroon Mobile Money Account.

The MTN Cameroon Mobile Money API can will be very useful to the Cameroon Musicians; who can use the mobile Money API to sell their music from their website.

How to Accept payment for your products and services online through the MTN Mobile Money service.


Like i told you before, the MTN Mobile Money API is just a bunch of  code (java script) that you can use to include MTN Mobile money as a payment option on your ecommerce website.

To receive the PHP code (Mobile Money API) from MTN Cameroon to integrate the Mobile Money service to your Ecommerce website, you will need to apply for it. Follow the instructions found at the MTN money API page to Apply for the API.

If your application is accepted, you will be given the MTN Mobile Money API. If you don,t know how to use the MTN Mobile Ok that,s all you need to do in order to intergrate the MTN Mobile money service to your Ecommerce website.


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