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MTN Prolongation| how to borrow airtime credit from MTN

MTN prolongation is an MTN service that permits the MTN clients  to borrow airtime credit from MTN and pay back later.However only the active (loyal) MTN clients are eligible to borrow airtime credit from MTN while the passive MTN clients are ineligible.

The active MTN clients are clients that frequently recharge their Sim card like the call box operators and the business men while the passive MTN clients frequently receives calls and only recharge few times per month/year like the students, grandpas and grandmas. Those passive clients won,t be allowed to borrow airtime credit from MTN.

How to check Whether you are eligible to borrow airtime credit from MTN.

To know whether you are eligible to borrow credit from MTN, simply dial the MTN prolongation service USSD code: *121#. If you are not eligible to borrow airtime credit, after dialing that code, you will see a message like……

Dear customer, you are not eligible to this service. You shall be notified when you meet eligibility conditions.

After buying a new MTN simcard, you won,t be allowed to borrow airtime credit from MTN until you have  recharge your simcard a certain number of times and accumulated a certain number of loyalty points. A Loyalty piont is a piont that is assigned to you each time you make a call and also recharge your MTN simcard.MTN prolongation service is for the loyal or active MTN clients because they are more likely to pay back their borrowed airtime credit (debt) and on time.

How to borrow airtime credit

If you are eligible to borrow airtime credit from MTN, after dialing the MTN prolongation service code; *121#, you will see the various amounts of airtime credit that you are eligible to borrow.


2)250 frs

3)500 frs

To borrow airtime credit, just enter the number of the airtime credit you wish to borrow in to the dialogue box below. for example if you wish to borrow 100frs, just enter 1 and press ok.

It should be noted that the minimum amount of airtime credit that every eligible MTN client is allowed to borrow from MTN is 100FRS. The maximum amount varies from one MTN client to another. There some MTN clients that are permitted to borrow a maximum credit of 250frs , others are permitted to borrow 500frs and more.

The more active you are, the greater the amount of credit you are permitted to borrow from MTN.  Very active MTN clients like the call box operators and the business men, can borrow up to 5000frs airtime credit. So if you want to be allowed to borrow more, then you have to be active (recharge and make calls frequently… inshort spend more).

How to check the balance of your borrowed credit

It should be noted that your borrowed airtime credit will be stored in your MTN prologation account and not in your main (*155#) airtime account. To check your available MTN prolongation credit balance, simply dial *159*86# and you will see where your borrowed airtime credit has been stored.

 How to pay back your debt.

To pay back your debt, you just need to credit/recharge your phone with the same amount that you borrowed from MTN or more and MTN will automatically deduct its debt. Most times MTN will notify you through SMS that a certain amount was deducted from your credit balance. Sometimes MTN doesn,t even notifies you that they have deducted their debt and you only notice  that they have deducted your debt after checking your credit balance through *155#.

Important pionts to note.

  • You won,t be allowed to borrow airtime credit from MTN if you already have more than 100frs airtime credit in your phone. In other words, you will only be allowed to borrow airtime credit from MTN when your airtime balance is less than 100frs.
  • When you borrow airtime credit, you should make sure that you pay back your debt within 24hours. If you fail to payback your debt within 24hours, an extra 25frs will be added to your debt. Lets take for example that you borrowed 250frs from MTN, if you don,t recharge within 24hours, 25frs will be added to your 250frs debt. So after 24 hours your debt will be 275frs. So make sure that you always payback your debt on time to aviod that extra charge.
  • After borrowing airtime credit, your debt will automatically be deducted when next you recharge. For example after  borrowing 100frs airtime credit from MTN, if you later transfer 250frs to your phone, 100frs (your debt) will automatically be deducted from your airtime account and so your credit balance will be 150frs. MTN is very strict when it comes to collecting its debts. MTN will deduct its debt even before an airtime credit reaches your phone. Sometimes, MTN doesn,t even notifies you that it has deducted its debt. This particular behaviour has caused problems between the MTN clients and the call box operators. There are so many people who have transfered credit to their phone, but on checking their airtime credit balance (*155#), they see  an amount that is less than the amount they transfered to their phone or nothing (00frs). In many of these cases, the MTN clients were owing MTN and MTN had to deduct its debt before the airtime credit even reaches their phone. So if something like this happens to you, before you start querelling or fighting with the call box operator, ask yourself this very important question, WAS I OWING MTN???. If yes, then Mr MTN must have collected its debt.
  • MTN also permits you to pay back your airtime debt installmentally. For example if your debt is 250frs, you can decide to pay 100frs first and the remaining 150frs later. It should be noted that whenever you are owing MTN, any amount of credit you transfer to your phone will automatically be deducted to pay part of your debt. This will keep happening till you have paid all your debt. There was a certain time that i was owing MTN 250frs credit, i went and transfered 100frs to my phone but on checking my airtime balance (*155#), i saw 00frs (nothing) but i received a message that the credit was successfully transfered. MTN deducted that 100frs to pay part of my 250frs debt. So after making that transfer, my total debt was reduced to 150frs and thats what will still happen if i transfer 150frs to my phone. So thats the way MTN collect its airtime credit debts. So until you finish paying your debt, you will never have any credit in your account.
  • You must payback all your debt before you can be eligible to borrow another credit from MTN. Mr MTN doesn,t allow you to accumulate debt (arrears).
  • Your borrowed airtime credit can only be used to make calls, browse the web and send SMS. You won,t be allowed to subscribe to an MTN bundle or an MTN service with your borrowed airtime credit. You won,t also be allowed to transfer your borrowed airtime credit to another MTN client. So if your intension of borrowing airtime credit is to subscribe to an internet bundle or send the borrowed credit as a valantines gift to your UB gf or bf, that won,t work.
  • Your borrowed airtime credit has no validity period.



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