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MTN unlimitted data plan

  • The Unlimitted  Streaming MTN Data Bundle

Like i mentioned earlier, in my how to manage MTN internet bundles article, nothing consume (easily depletes) internet data more than video and music streaming. One of the reasons why the Internet data of many MTN clients don,t last long or always get finish before the validity period of their bundles, is because they spend most of their time watching Youtube videos and playing music online. It can cost you 50mb internet data just to watch a single YouTube video.  Due to the fact that video and music steaming consume lots of internet data, MTN had to create a special internet bundle for those people who love watching YouTube videos. So if you are one of those people, this internet bundle was specifically created for you.

1) 40,000F = 100GB/ 30 Days Dial *157*3*4*2# to directly subscribe to this premium monthly bundle.

After subscribing to this Streaming bundle, you will be able to watch all kinds of movie or music video from YouTube and other website.

The allocated data volume for this streaming monthly bundle is 100GB unlimited. Unlike the premium monthly bundles where you are restricted on a certain amount of  data per day (1GB or 1.5 GB per day), the streaming bundle is unlimitted. You are free to use your 100GB data the way you want. If you want to finish it in a single day, you can do that (if possible).The validity period of the Streaming bundle is 30 days.

You must have atleast 40,000 Frs Airtime credit to be able to subscribe to this Streaming bundle.

Even though the streaming bundle is extremely expensive, the enjoyment is worth the investment.

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