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Nexttel Cameroon | Nexttel Internet Configuration

Before you can start enjoying the Nexttel Cameroon superfast speed 3G internet, first you will need to configure your mobile phone.

Use the Nexttel Cameroon Internet Configuration settings below to quickly configure your smartphone and start browsing.

Name of Network: Nexttel Cameroon Internet

APN : n-internet (in small letter pls)

User name: nexttel  (in small letter pls)

Password: nexttel    (in small letter pls)

IP Address and Port: Not Needed (With Nexttel Cameroon you don,t need to enter any IP address and a port number to configure your smartphone unlike MTN Cameroon and Orange Cameroon).

To configure your smartphone, just go to the internet setting section of your smartphone and create a new internet profile (account) using the Nexttel Cameroon Internet setting above.

Ok after you have created the new internet profile with the above internet setting. Select the profile so that your phone can detect and recongnise it as your new internet browsing account.

After you have done that, just switch on your mobile internet data and start browsing. As easy as ABC. Enjoy!.

If you are unable to access the internet after doing all that ……

  • Check the newly created Nexttel Cameroon Internet profile to make sure that you entered every info correctly. It should be noted that if one info is entered wrongly or missing, you won,t be able to access the internet.
  • Next..check whether you have switched on your mobile internet data. Like i told you before, your mobile internet data must be switched on before you can start browsing.
  • If you still can,t access the internet after doing the 2 things mentioned above, it,s very possible that your mobile device isn,t internet compatible. Most Chinese phones appear to be internet compatible but they are not.

If can,t access the internet, use the comment box below to ask a question.




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