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The main Objective of the Press

The ultimate objective of the press is to shine light on whereever there,s darkness i.e.  the purpose of the media extend far beyond the basic and traditional routine of collecting, writing or reporting news. Those are the ABC of Journalism. Anybody can do that.

Apart from collecting and reporting news about latest events, the media houses should also constantly carry out research so as to sample the information needs of the masses and provide credible  information based on those sampled information needs. The term darkness in the context of this article simply refers  to “ignorance”  or simply put,an issue that the masses have little or no knowledge about.

When people have little or no knowledge about a particular issue, there,s bound to be canker rumour or speculations (motivated by curiosity) which may give birth (result) to strike or even civil war.

When people (the masses) are in darkness (know nothing about a particular issue), you (the Journalist) should go and investigate about the issue so as to provide first hand, fair and unbiased (balanced) report about the situation to the masses . This is the most perfect definition of effective journalism or advance journalism (the type practiced by BBC,CNN, Aljazeera, Foxnews and other credible news agencies). Effective journalism brings about enlightenment.

The press is suppose to be the greatest source of enlightenment and the most effective instrument of informal education in every society.

In any country (like USA) where effective journalism is being practiced, there,s bound to be transparency, little or no curruption, embezzlement, little or manipulation of the people,s right etc. The main objective of the press is therefore to erradicate all the above factors and that can only be done through Effective Journalism.