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Top blogs powered by WordPress

Even though its clearly written in most blogging books in Amazon and numerous blogs that WordPress is the easiest, cheapest and the quickest blogging software that almost anybody can use to create a blog (website), so many would be bloggers are still very reluctant to create a blog and start blogging. Even with the availability of so many simple step by step articles about how to start a blog with the WordPress software, some would-be bloggers still pay huge sums of money to the professional web designers for them to design a blog for them. Funnily enough, the professional web designers that they often hire still use the WordPress software that they despised, to create their blogs and they are very happy to pay $1000 for a job they would have done by themselves with just $20 and save $980. Ignorance is bliss.

Somebody may likely want to ask: why did they (the would-be bloggers) take such a foolish action?

This is because they doubt the effectiveness of the WordPress blogging software especially due to the fact that its a free blogging software. We all know that all free products are aways not effective as the paid ones.

For example whenever i tell many would be bloggers that almost anybody can create a blog with the WordPress software and it won,t take more than 15 minutes for them to do that and it won,t cost them more than $20. The question most of them always ask me is; will the blog be a beautiful and fully functional blog like yours?. They are often very surprised when i tell them that this blog is a WordPress powered blog. They are often surprised because they doubt the quality of the WordPress powered blogs. 

If you are one of those doubting thomases, i will like to reassure you that the WordPress powered blogs are the most beautiful and fully functional blogs in the blogging industry. WordPress is the blogging industry standard tool and also the most popular blogging platform i.e. about 70% of the existing blogs were created using the WordPress blogging software. Anywhere 2 or 3 bloggers are gathered, the name “WordPress” must be mentioned.

Today, WordPress powers many large media companies’ websites or portions thereof, including CNN’s blogs, the Wall Street Journal ’s All Things D , Reuters, and Forbes.

Fortune 500 companies such as GM, UPS, and Sony use WordPress. WordPress is a viable choice for a range of users, from international conglomerates to major recording artists to huge media publishing companies.

If need reassurance before choosing WordPress or wish to to know the big boys (popular blogs or websites) that are using WordPress and also see the quality of their blogs; you can find a list of popular WordPress powered blogs at the WordPress Notable Users showcase (http://en.wordpress.com/notable‐users/ ).

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