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What is a 3G/4G network?

A 3G network is a very fast speed internet that enables anybody with a 3G-enabled (compatible) smartphone to swiftly browse the internet, download and upload files on the internet, watch (stream) music and videos online, play online games and watch LIVE TV online at breakneck speed.

So if you own a 3G-enabled smartphone, you will be able to browse the internet without experiencing any sluggishness (very fast). Gone are the days where after typing a web address in to your browser, you have to wait for 3 to 5 minutes for a website to completely load (be displayed).With the 3G network, it won,t take more than 3 seconds for a website to load. You can even watch LIVE TV online without the video pausing/ breaking from time to time. There are so many MTN Cameroon clients who now watch T.B Joshua (SCOAN) live service online due to the super fast speed of the 3G network. You can even download or upload a 100MB file within a minute or even less than a minute with a 3G network.

Like i said before, only the MTN clients with 3G compatible smartphones will be able to enjoy the super fast speed internet of the 3G network. So many MTN clients don,t know this. When MTN Cameroon started selling its 3G sim cards, the MTN clients were asked to come with their phones to the MTN service centers so that the MTN technicians can make sure their phones were 3G compatible before selling the 3G simcards to them. Many MTN clients came with incompatible smartphones and MTN agents couldn,t sell their 3G sim cards to them. Putting a 3G simcard in to an incompatible smartphone, is like putting palm oil in to the petrol tank of a vehicle.

So if you wish to enjoy (exprience) the super fast speed internet of a 3G network, buy a 3G compatible smartphone. When you go to a phone shop to buy a smartphone, tell the phone dealer that you want a 3G or 4G enabled smartphone. There are also lots of cheap 3G compatible smartphones in the MTN service centers.
You can now receive your mails, make search, stream videos without buffer, download apps instantly, share pictures on social networks, play online games on your Smartphone wherever you are, all thanks to the MTN 3G/4G mobile internet.


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