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What is a niche

A niche is simply a blogging lingo (jargon) that refers to the main topic (theme) of a blog. In other words, a niche is simply the topic (subject) that a blogger has choosen to blog about or focus on. For example if you have decided to write about pets stuff, then pet will be the main niche of your blog and your blog will be categorised as a pet blog and you will be known as a pet blogger.

So what will be the main topic or theme of your own blog? this theme (main topic) is called a niche (your niche).

A niche (blog theme) can further be broken down in to sub niches (specific topics) called micro niches. For example the pet niche can be broken down in to mini topics (sub blogging niches) like dogs, cats, rodents, micro pigs etc that you can focus on (write about). Again a sub niche can further be broken down in to smaller or more specific niches (topics).

Listen very carefully!!! when choosing a niche(topic) to blog about, bear in mind that the narrower (more specific) your choice of  niche is, the greater your probability of succeeding as a blogger. For example a blogger who chooses to blog about a specific niche like police dog training, has a higher probability of succeeding faster than a blogger who chooses to blog about pet (a very broad and highly competitive niche). No wonder the bible says “Narrow is the way that leads to heaven”.

The internet marketers define a niche as a big e-market (industry) and the bloggers within the niche are just like small traders all competing and trying to make a profit within the market (niche). Each blogger within a niche market (main niche), blogs about a specific aspect (domain) of that niche and together they form the niche blogosphere (and everybody makes a profit and the audience (customers) of that niche are satisfied).

The customers or audience of a niche market are people who are also passionate about a niche and people who have a certain problem and are desperately in need of solution. For example in the pet market (niche)  the people who are also passionate about pets and those people who wish to buy pet accessories or wish to know how to train their pets or solve a certain problem that their pets have, are the audience or customers of the pet niche market. Simply put, those are the people who will be visiting your blog every day.

Solution is the product you will be marketting in your niche market and your blog will be your own solution storefront in the niche market.

To make money from your blog, you will need to provide solution to a specific problem faced by a customer in your niche market. The higher the demand for the solution, the greater your profit.

So to enter a niche (market) and be successful, you just need to choose a specific domain (category) of that niche (big market) and focus on. For example if i want to enter the pet blogging niche, i will simply choose pet food supplies (a small domain that i have knowledge about) of the pet industry (market) and focus on that area (and i will still be able to make lots of money). Listen!!! no matter how wise (intelligent) you are, you can never monopolised an entire niche (that can,t happen in this 2017).Trying to market to everyone and anyone leads to not really focusing one one specific type of persons issues and missing the mark. When you really focus on one specific type of audience you can more effectively satisfy their needs.

So decide what niche you want to blog about, and then narrow it down to something more specific. For example, let’s say you’re good at “dog training” so you decide that you want to create a blog about teaching people how to train dogs.Since “dog training” is a very competitive niche, it’s better to go after a more specific niche like “Dog Training for Pitbulls.” (your own specific domain). Ohh !!! i wish somebody told me this when i just started blogging.

This particular tactic will put you 10 steps ahead of your competition because someone who wants to purchase a training course to train their pitbull would most likely type into Google, “How to Train Pitbulls” instead of something more generic like “Dog Training.” and if your domain name is howtotrainpitbulls.com, your blog will have a high probability of showing up at the first page of the search result for that keyword. Like i mentioned earlier, the more specific (narrow) your target niche is, the smaller your SEO competition and the greater your probability (chances) of succeeding as a blogger. In addition to that by choosing a specific niche you will be targeting a specific audience and will therefore have a higher probability of satisfying their exact needs (and converting your target audience in to customers to make money). In addition to that, focusing let,s you become an expert. You can be the person that people often turn to for a particular information in your niche rather than being recongnised as the jack of the niche (jack of all trades).

Examples of how to drill down….

Pets > dogs > dog training > pitbull training > training
your pitbull to be a guard dog.

Weight loss > weight loss for men > weight loss for men
over 50 > weight loss for men over over 50 with heart problems.

The further you drill down the better as there’s less
competition in these very specific sub-niches yet usually
still lots of demand for that specific information, products
on sale and an audience to market to.

However when drilling down your target niche, make sure that you don,t go tooooooo specific (use your common sense). Going too specific will cause you to run out of blogging ideas quickly.

It should be noted that your niche is the main topic you will be discussing on your blog for so many years to come (for as long as you remain a blogger). Your web visitors will always expect to see fresh stuff every day, week, or months (depending on your blogging schedule). So don,t choose a niche (topic) that you can run out of ideas just within 6 months of blogging and your blog readership will start declining (the genesis of failure).

How do most bloggers choose their niche and how to choose yours.

Bloggers choose their niche based on passion, experience and money.

Most bloggers (majority) chose their niche based on what they are passionate about. I for one, started this blog because I was soooo passionate about writing and publishing so i made that my niche.

So what are you also passionate about? put simply, what do you feel happy doing? what are you always excited to talk (discuss) about with your friends (peers)?.

Is it sports, politics, latest gists (gossip), movies, video games, fashion trends, beauty tips, relationship,food, bible (religion), technology……? Thats exactly what you should be blogging about.

Many people also start blogs to share their knowledge or experience with the world. So do you have a unique experience that you want to share with the world? a blog is the right medium to do that.Simply put, have you been used, dumped and recycled by the guys and think you can educate the young girls not to fall for the bait of the guys? then start a relationship advice blog and share this valuable experience with the world.

The money motivated bloggers.

There are many bloggers who choose their niche solely based on its money making potential (advertising friendliness) and not based on passion or experience. For example somebody told you or you heard from CNN, that the fashion bloggers make thousands of dollars per month and you decided to start your own fashion blog even with no fashion sense or passion for the subject (niche).

If you know nothing about a niche and don’t have any real
interest in it, it can be difficult to succeed and stay
You might find yourself unable to create interesting content
on the subject and getting bored with the topic quickly or
that your audience knows more than you do and don’t
have any reason to listen to your advice. Hence the reason why about 90% of this category of bloggers don,t succeed. So if you came in to the blogosphere motivated by money (passive income), then you will quit blogging within 3 months. Been there, done that.

Qualities of an Ideal niche

Before you can start blogging, you will need to choose a niche for your blog and an ideal niche is the best niche to pick.

An ideal niche is a niche that you are passionate about, also have sufficient knowledge about (to be able to educate  the masses ) and is also advertising friendly (so that you can make some money from your blog).

An advertising friendly niche is a niche that will enable you to sell ad spaces on your blog to advertisers in your niche (when it gets popular) or there are available products that you can market to your blog readership and make money. A niche like rock climbing (what some people may be passionate about) is not advertising friendly and therefore not a good niche to pick (except you don,t intend to monetize your blog).

You have so many things you are passionate about but the ones you should blog about, should be the ones that are advertising friendly. For example i,m passionate about politics, sports and blogging but i choose to create a blog about blogging (teaching people how to start a blog and make money online) because the niche is advertising friendly (i make more than $3000 per month from this blog__ wanna know how? read my article on how to make money from a blog).

The idea behind going with something you have knowledge
in or are passionate about is that you’re more likely to
Not only do you already know more than your average
person (who likely knows nothing) on the subject at hand
but you’ll be willing to put more effort into it and enjoy
working on it.
If you know nothing on the topic and don’t have any real
interest in it, it can be difficult to succeed and stay
You might find yourself unable to create interesting content
on the subject and getting bored with the topic quickly or
that your audience knows more than you do and don’t
have any reason to listen to your advice.

You also have to consider whether your interests (target niche) actually have
any commercial viability (advertising friendly) because
if there’s nothing to sell and no way to monetize then you
can be as passionate about the topic as you like but you won’t make any money.
Take for example if your hobby was collecting rocks.
Probably not any way to make money from that regardless
of how enthusiastic you are about it (though I wouldn’t be
surprised if actually there was and I just didn’t see the
opportunity as I know nothing about the niche).

Money and passion motivates, encourages hardwork and makes it less stressful. That,s why i have been able to provide fresh stuff for this blog for so many months and will be able to do that for so many years to come.

Steps to pick a profitable niche.

Step 1 Grab a notepad and a pen and write down all the things you are passionate about i.e. your hobbies and interests to begin with.Let,s take for example that you are passionate about pets, rock climbing, horse riding, politics, sports and celebrity gossip. Those are potential niches you can blog about.

Step 2 Narrow down the list by selecting the topics that are advertising friendly from the list. From the potential niches you have listed above, pets, horse riding and sport are advertising friendly niches (those topics can be monetized so pick them first) while niches like rock climbing, celebrity gossip, and politics that can,t be monetized (should be neglected except you don,t intend to monetize your blog).

Step 3 :Choose the niche that you are more knowledgeable about from the list of advertising friendly niches i.e. pets, horse riding and sport. If you are very knowledgeable about pets (than the other niches), then choose that niche.

You can also start a blog on each of the topics (niches) if you think you equally have sufficient knowledge about those 3 niches. But you have  to start with one blog first and make it successful before you can create another.

Step 4 : Ok now, narrow down the target niche in to something more specific. I already told you the advantage of doing that. Nevertheless i will still repeat what i earlier said.

The further you drill down the better as there’s less
competition in these very specific sub-niches yet usually
still lots of demand for that specific information, products
on sale and an audience to market to.

With the big topics/ main niche (pet), it is almost impossible to beat “the big boys” i.e. pet.com, craigslist.org and other big websites or blog in your niche. So let the “big boys” play the “big game”. If you want to open a food store in the USA, you do not want to compete with WalMart and the likes. It is impossible and a losing battle. It is better to accept that you cannot compete with them and to start a very specialized food store instead.

The same rule applies to blogging…
Instead of wasting your time trying to compete with the major players (big boys) in the pet industry, you can choose your own small domain of the pet niche market and focus on that domain (your niche).

So if you have choosen pet (an advertising friendly niche) as your  target niche, try to drill down the pet niche to something more specific or a more specific domain (your own specific domain) of the pet niche market that you have sufficient knowledge about and is also advertising friendly.

Example of how to drill down….

Pets > dogs > dog training > pitbull training > training
your pitbull to be a guard dog.

Will you be able to monetize the topic (niche)_ how to train pitbulls to be guard dog?? if yes then choose that  niche.

So how to train pitbulls to be guard dog will be your own niche i.e. your own  specific domain in the pet niche market.

The domain name of your blog can be howtotrainpitbulls.com.

Once you have choosen a domain name (web address of your blog), you will need to register the name so that it can become yours.

There are thousands of places to register domain names online, but let’s use www.Godaddy.com for this example. I have always used Godaddy and the customer service is amazing.
You can check on Godaddy’s Homepage to see if www.HowToTrainPitbulls.com is available.

If that domain name has already been taken, choose another one but make sure that the name of your target niche is included in your domain name for ranking purposes www.yourtargetniche.com. Everybody likes their own name (almost everybody) or the name of their company but calling a website or blog www.NeilPatel.com or www.JohnSmith.com if your site is about how to train pitbulls to be guard dog,  does not give Google or your target audience any clue what your blog is all about. Your domain name is one of the first things Google looks at to rank your site.

The closer your domain name matches the phrase typed into Google, the greater chance your blog will have of showing up in the Top 10 search results.

If i were you, if howtotrainpitbulls.com have already been taken, i will also check if howtotrainpitbullsguide is still available and so on.

Important suggestion on choosing a domain name.

Pls when choosing a domain name for your blog, don,t try to go too specific. For example www.howtotrainpitbullstobeguarddogs.com. A very specific domain will leave you with very limitted things to blog about or  you will run out of blogging ideas very quickly. But with a domain name like www.howtotrainpitbulls.com, you will be able to  blog  about a wide range of topics like

  • how to train Pitbulls to be guard dogs
  • how to train Pitbulls to be Good pet dogs
  • how to toilet train Pitbulls and lots of relevant topics to talk about.

Your blog www.howtotrainpitbulls.com will be the blog that the pitbulls lovers go to learn how to train their pitbulls to be anything instead of just to learn how to train their pitbulls to be guard dogs.

Hints on Making money from blogging.

Ok after you have choosen a profitable niche  i.e. how to train pitbulls, you just need to

  • Start a blog about that niche i.e. how to train pitbulls.
  • Join the Google adsense advertisement network (wanna know how the google adsense works?).
  • Drive traffic to your blog and start making money from your blog. (wanna learn how to drive traffic to your blog through SEO and social media marketting?)