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How To Work Online and Get Paid Through Western Union

Ever wondered how to work online and get paid through Western Union? if yes! then this article was specifically written for you. In this article i,m going to show you how to work from home and receive payment for your service through Western Union.

3 yrs ago, i lose my job and after spending 3 weeks at home doing nothing (except watching TV and Playing the Zuma Game on my PC), i decided to find out if it was possible to work online because i had heard many of friends talk about how much they were making online but i didnt bother to ask them how it was possible ( because i never thought i would find myself in that diplorable situation).

So i typed the Keyword  “How to work online and get paid through western union”. To my greatest surprise, it was possible and blogging is the most reliable way to work Online and get paid through Western Union.

What surprised me the most is the fact that it doesn,t cost anything to make money through blogging. Nowadays its possible to start a blog for free.  So i started a blog and today i,m making money from my blog and getting paid through Western Union. It surprise you to know that i make not less than 500 from my blog per day and more money than i was earning from my 9-5. There,s a friend of mine who,s making more than $5000 from her blog per day. In fact there,s no limit to the amount of money you can make from your blog.

In this article, i,m going to show you how to make money through blogging and get paid  through Western Union.

How Does Blogging Work.

To to make money online through Blogging, this is what you will need to do…..

  1. Start a Blog.
  2. Publish articles on the Blog.
  3. Sign Up to Google Adsense and display ads on your Blog.
  4. Drive Traffic to your Blog and earn money each time a Google ad on your blog is clicked.
  5. When the Money in your Adsense account reaches the payment threshold, you get paid Through Western Union.

In this article, i,m going to show you…..

  • How to start a Blog for free
  • How to publish articles on your Blog
  • How to sign up to Google adsense and display ads on your blog and
  • How you get paid through payment through Western Union

But before we start discussing about the 5 main topics mentioned above, let me quickly answer 3 frequently asked questions that often scare many would-be bloggers from getting involve in blogging.

Question 1: What is a blog?

A blog is a website or section of a website, where a person regularly publish articles about a particular subject or a  topic that he or she has sufficient knowledge about.

The process of updating a blog is called ‘blogging’ and the person who regularly updates a blog is called a blogger. For example www.comofficialwebsite.com is a blog and the person who regularly publish new articles on this blog is a blogger.

So you are going to create your own blog to write and publish articles about a topic or a subject that you have sufficient knowledge about. In other words you are going to use your blog as a platform to share your knowledge with the world and make money in the process.

When we get to the procedures to start a blog, you are going to learn about how to choose a topic (subject) to blog about.

Question 2: How much does it cost to start a blog and start making money online?


You just need an internet connection, a laptop/PC, knowledge to share with the world and a good writing skill to effectively present your knowledge. Yes! that,s all you need in order to become a blogger and start making money online (and get paid through Western Union).

Question 3: How much does it cost to hire a professional web designer?

You don,t need to hire web designer to create a blog for you.

Nowadays its very easy to create a blog. That,s why there are many bloggers and blogs in existence today.Improvement in technology has really made life easy. Nowadays anybody with a laptop and internet connection can easily create a blog (including your granny lol) thanks to the availability of so many free web design templates. The web design templates provided by the various blogging platforms makes it possible for anybody to create a blog  with just a few clicks of the mouse.

So if you have created an email address or a Facebook account by yourself then you will be able to create a blog by yourself without any stress. I,m very serious!. Its very easy. In fact it won,t take us more than 6 minutes to create a blog.

Enough of all this talking, let,s get down to business so that you can see exactly what i,m talking about.

Things to do before creating your blog.

Step 1: Choose your niche (the topic or subject of your blog).

The niche of a blog is the topic or subject that a blogger has choosen to blog about. Like i told you before, people create blogs based on topics or subjects that they have sufficient knowledge about.So you need to choose a topic or subject that you have sufficient knowledge about and start a blog on that topic.

For example if you think you have sufficient knowledge about Cocoa farming, you can start a blog on that topic, if you have sufficient knowledge about food, you can start a blog to share that knowledge with the world.

Summarily you can start a blog about any topic (subject) that you have knowledge about and stand a chance of making money online and get paid through western Union. Don,t worry about how to make money from your topic or subject. I,m going to show you how to do that.

So what do you have sufficient knowledge about? Is it fashion, bible, football, gossip news, relationship advice, make up tips, hairstyles etc that should be the topic (niche) of your own blog.

Step 2. Choose a Blogging Platform.

A blogging platform is the website that is going to host your blog on their server  and make it LIVE or accessible to the internet users ( so that anybody with internet access can be able to visit and read the articles on your blog). Those blogging platforms also provide free web address, web design templates and a user friendly environment that makes it possible for people with little or no knowledge about web designing (how the web works) to be able to create a blog, write and publish articles on their blogs.

Nowadays, there are many blogging platforms that will enable you to start a blog for free but the 3 most popular and also the best free blogging platforms are

Of the 3 popular free blogging platforms mentioned above, blogger is the most popular free blogging platform and the blogging platform that you are going to use to create your own blog. Incase you haven,t heard, Linda Ikeji,s blog is powered (hosted) by Blogger. Put simply, Linda Ikeji’s blog was created at Blogger (blogger.com) for free. So you will also create a similar blog for free at Blogger (blogger.com).

One of the reasons why Blogger (blogger.com) is the most popular and also the best free blogging platform is because the Blogger platform, makes it possible for bloggers to monetize their blogs through the Google adsense advertisement partnership program.

For those of you who don,t know, Google adsense is the main source of income of almost every blogger and website owner. Bloggers make money online from their blogs by displaying the Google adsense advertisements on their blogs.


I know you may likely want to ask; what is Google Adsense or how does it work?. When we get to the topic about how to make money from a blog, you are going to understand what the Google adsense program is all about and how to make money from your own blog through Google Adsense. Let’s create our blog first before we can start thinking of making money.

Step 3.  Choose a nice name for your Blog (yourblogname.blogspot.com).

After you have choosen a good topic (subject) to blog about, you  will also need to choose a very nice name for your blog. You are free to use your name as the name of your blog or you can give your blog any name (as long as the name is still available or not yet in use by another person).

It should be noted that when you create a free blog at the Blogger platform, the web address (domain name) of your blog will have the .blogspot.comextension i.e. yourblogname.blogspot.com. I,m very sure you must have visited many blogs with the .blogspot.com web address. Those blogs are powered(hosted) by Blogger.

The .blogspot.com web address is a free web address that will be provided to you by Blogger to enable people to visit your blog. Anybody who wants to visit your blog will have to type yourblogname.blogspot.com in to their web browser.

But if you don,t like that free web address (yourblogname.blogspot.com) provided by blogger, you can register a custom domain name (web address) for your blog. It will cost you just $12 to register a custom domain name (a web address without the .blogspot.comextension) for your own blog.

At the end of this article, i,m going to show you how to register a custom web address like yourblogname.com so that your blog can look professional instead of a using the free .blogspot.com web address; which makes your blog to look like that of the amateur bloggers.

Ok we are now done with the basics. Let,s get down to business.

How to start a blog.

Like i told you before, we are going to create a blog at the Blogger platform.

To create a free blog at Blogger, you will need to have a Google account. If you don’t already have a Gmail account, read this post—-how to create a Gmail Account and see how i created my own Gmail Account.

It won,t cost you anything to create a Gmail account. A Gmail Account is the only requirement for creating a free blog at Blogger (blogger.com).

After creating your Gmail Account, follow the simple step by step procedures below to create a similar blog like Linda Ikeji,s Blog. Like i told you before, it will take us less than 10 minutes to create a blog like Linda Ikeji’s at the Blogger platform. I,m going to provide screenshots so that you can see everything that am doing. Ok let’s begin.

Step 1. After creating a Gmail account, sign in to your Gmail account.

Step 2. After you have successfully sign in to your Gmail account, type blogger.com in to your browser or simply click here to go to the blogger website.

Step 3. At blogger, click on….


Linda Ikeji is a billionaire and she made every Naira&Kobo of that money from her blog i.e from lindaikejisblog.com.

Linda Ikeji makes money online from the lindaikejisblog.com through two means which include;

1. Google Adsense (80% of the money she makes from her blog comes from Google adsense)

2. Selling Ad Spots. (20% of her blog revenue comes from selling advertisement spots to local advertisers in Nigeria).

How Does Linda Ikeji make money online from Google adsense.

First things first what is Google adsense?

Google adsense is an online advertisement partnership program run by the Google Company.

It should be noted that the Google is not only a search engine, its also an online advertisement company and the most popular online advertisement company.

Google runs a pay per click advertisement service called Adwords. Its through Adwords (the Google ad service) that the Google company makes money from their search engine.

Everyday millions of  online business men (ecommerce website owners) submit ads to Google through their advertisement platform (Google Adwords), so that Google can display their ads along side their search results when their target keywords are searched. I,m very sure you must have seen the Google ads before. They are often displayed at the beginning and at the bottom of their search results as shown in the screenshots below.

Each time an ad that have been displayed alongside their search result is clicked by one of their search engine user, the advertiser (owner of the ad) has to pay Google for that click. Like i told you before, Google adwords is a pay per click advertisement service i.e. google charges its adwords advertisers per a click on their ads. The cost per click of an ad varies from 1 cent to $60.








How Much Does It Cost.

Like i told you before, i wont cost you anything to start a blog.


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